Welcome to the Stanly Digital Voice Radio Association

We support all forms of Digital Radio,

but primarily Digital Voice modes such as





                            DMR Repeater:  


                                                        440.5625 (+5 MHz) K4DVA (NC PRN) Albemarle

                                                                        Slot 1: Local 27500, Echotest 9998, Chat 1 Network 27501, Chat 2 Network 27502
                                                                        Slot 2: PRN Network 2



                            D-Star Repeater:  


                                                        440.6875 MHz (+5 MHz) K4DVA B (Albemarle) - Connected to Ref 54C




                            Fusion C4FM Repeaters:  


                                                     443.525 (+5 MHz, 77 Hz tone for analog) K4DVA (Fusion) Morrow Mountain

Wire-X Node  (local room - Morrow Mountain)

Default connection - Carolina Link (Room # 43008)



                            Multi-Mode Repeaters:  

                                            144.920 MHz (+2.5 MHz) K4DVA  (Albemarle)

                                                     Supporting Dstar (KI4DVA-C), DMR (Brandmeister), Fusion (YSFRelefector)

                                                        NXDN, & P25 (P25-Reflector)





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